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Same opinions :

We are a team that promotes brand value and brand influence for customers. Our team members all love the same cause and hope to provide our customers and users with the best products, so that all product users can experience the beauty of our products.

Products meet customer needs :

Our product support flexible customization and free proofing, 15 years pilot toning ensure color accuracy, products through the ITS testing, 12 years experience in export Europe and the United States, we hope our products and services can be continuously meet market and customer demand, better user experience, better design, better the function of the innovation, so as to enable us to more market competitiveness.

In line with the trend :

People for the pursuit of personalized packaging products is more and more intense, any item whether normal packing or personalized packaging needs to be a very good packaging, and the more stylish products to the requirement of the packaging is higher, so we hope that our products are in conformity with the market trend, both in design and function are able to comply with the requirements of The Times.
We create international standard products with the spirit of the craftsman, perfect quality assurance workflow, efficient and exquisite standardized service to customers, to give customers beautiful experience and considerable value.

Sustainable development :

Attaching importance to environmental protection is the responsibility of every enterprise. Therefore, we will try our best to meet the requirements of environmental protection in many aspects.
 We will make unique innovations in product design and pay attention to environmental protection and ecology in material selection, The product can also be used to store other items after use. 
We are doing our best to save energy and protect the environment. At the same time, we hope that our customers and users will pay the same attention to environmental protection as us.

Product design and development :

Core competitiveness of the products must be technological innovation, we pay special attention to technological upgrading and innovation, continuous research and development of new products is our pursuit. we really hope we can walk in the front of the industry in product research and development, so we spend 5% of sales revenue each year, and a lot of manpower, materials and energy to developing the new products.

Spirit of contract :

It is one of our goals to have a long term cooperation with our customers, so we take honest cooperation as our bottom line, we have standard quotation;Accurate sampling;To strictly control the quality of products through four inspections and five verifications;Standard packaging, safe delivery;Service guarantee system for timely feedback of order progress;I hope that every customer with our cooperation is at ease.

Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Vision: To become an international well-known packaging production enterprises, service global brand customers


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