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Hangzhou Lambin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its original intention is to better develop the brand for customers, enhance the brand value and influence for customers, and customize packaging boxes, bags and other products for international well-known brand enterprises.


Cpe Isolation Garment, factory production site, has been exported to Germany, Japan and the United States 20 million pieces

Company information

cosmetic box
Flashing silver pattern +UV+embossing, exquisite cosmetic box.Support custom.
Clothing packaging box
Kraft paper + polyester linen material drawer box, delicate and firm, recyclable.Support custom.
Gift box
kraft linerboard + soft plastic lining, thick and firm,protect internal products from damage.Support custom.
Tote bag
Lightweight, convenient, durable, low-cost gift packaging.Support custom.
Cylinder packaging
Good sealing, uniform stress point, more solid and durable.Support custom.
Venue gift box
Plastic bag
Underwear independent packaging is more hygienic, suitable for travel underwear packaging.Support custom.
Clothing packaging box
Simple 、 delicate and firm,  concave-convex and UV font, highlighting the brand personality.Support custom.
cosmetic box
Embossing+hot stamping LOGO+ silk lining, highlighting the precious luxury.Support custom.
Venue gift box
Digital printing + hot silver, low price,  fashion gift box for venue.Support custom.
Gold Card Cosmetic Box

Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Vision: To become an international well-known packaging production enterprises, service global brand customers


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