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The history of handbags can be traced back to the 19th century. From food to personal items, people use tote bags to carry all possible tangible items.

For some commonly used things, it may seem strange that a handbag carries an in-depth history and an appropriate thought process.

In the 1980s, a brand called L.L.BEAN in the United States turned a handbag into an "ice bag", which means transporting ice in bulk. At that time, people adopted the idea of using handbags for multiple purposes. The same brand turned a handbag into a canvas in the 1960s, which means these can be personalized according to the brand and different ideas.

Many handbags we use today are made of polypropylene. Due to the durability and reliability of polypropylene, manufacturers began to use it for commercial purposes, from carpets to even laboratory tools. Handbags made of this material are mainly used for promotion. Brands can easily customize materials because they are easy to dye, cost-effective, and flexible.


Usually, single-use plastic bags are destined to be discarded, but tote bags can be reused several times. If only 25% of Chinese people switch to handbags, we will see a significant reduction in the overall output of plastic bags. It is estimated that tens of billions of plastic bags can be saved every year. Therefore, this kind of handbag is also named as an environmentally friendly bag, and the resources for manufacturing environmentally friendly bags are more than plastic bags.

According to your preferences, you can choose different handbag fabrics. This is very convenient when you are a retailer and want to advertise your products/services through promotional handbags. Polypropylene, cotton, polyester, canvas, nylon, jute, PVC and polyurethane are some of the most popular materials used in the production of handbags. Tote bags are more durable than they seem. A well-made tote bag can be filled with food, piles of library books and even a few bowling balls without tearing.

Tote bags are not only used to pack groceries or store towels on the beach. They have long been used as fashion accessories. Many world-renowned fashion brands have joined their handbag series. Its versatility makes it a popular handbag choice, especially in casual and informal occasions. Individuals can use ordinary handbags to show their personality. People can even use ordinary canvas to print mobile quotes or pictures related to it. Handbags can be made into personal fashion accessories.

Briefcases originally occupied a place by replacing backpacks and messenger bags, and now they themselves have been replaced by handbags. Men need to carry a lot of things. Unfortunately, not all things can be put in their pockets. What was once attributed to women is now openly accepted by men. Women stay away from expensive designer handbags and prefer convenient and cheap handbags. For similar reasons, men welcome the diverse charm of handbags.

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