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  • Disposable isolation gowns

    Disposable isolation gownsDisposable isolation gowns are usually made of a single-layer plastic film with excellent impermeability. The isolation gowns should be able to cover the torso and all clothes to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious substances, so they should have

  • Introduction to CPE and its application

    Introduction to CPE and its applicationChlorinated polyethylene is made of polyethylene (PE) through chlorination. It has the dual advantages of plastic and rubber. It is resistant to oil, oxygen, heat and oxygen aging, corrosion, flame, bacteria and microorganisms, and weather resistance. It is bet

  • CPE

    CPEChlorinated polyethylene is a saturated polymer material, white powder in appearance, non-toxic and odorless, with excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance, as well as good oil resistance, flame retardancy and coloring properties. Good toughness, go

  • Precautions for wearing a mask

    Precautions for wearing a mask1. Use timeFrom the perspective of human physiological structure, because the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa is very strong, the passage in the nasal cavity is very tortuous, and the nose hair constitutes a filtering "barrier". When air is sucked into the nostril

  • Scientific common sense about masks(3)

    Scientific common sense about masks(3)7. Can protective masks be washed? Can it be disinfected?3M particulate protective masks (sometimes called disposable masks) cannot be used after cleaning and disinfection, because the cleaning and disinfection methods usually lead to reduced filtration efficien

  • Scientific common sense about masks(2)

    Scientific common sense about masks(2)4. Is it necessary to use medical protective masks to protect against viruses? What is the difference between medical N95 and N95 protective masks?Medical protective masks are protective masks designed to protect medical workers in a specific medical environment

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