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Founder story

Hangzhou Lambin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Its original intention is to better develop the brand for customers, enhance the brand value and influence for customers, and customize packaging boxes, bags and other products for international well-known brand enterprises. And with the spirit of the craftsman, international standards of professional technology and services, adhere to the concept of sustainable development of environmental protection, set up the Lambin packaging custom brand!

It has been a long-term partner of WINDS Enterprises Limited, a global sports-brand manufacturer, since 2012 (It produces SPALDING, SPORT-TEK, SKINS, UNDER AMOUR, PUMA and other branded packaging accessories)

Environmental protection concept
Green hills are always there and green water flows.
Leading the new fashion of environmental protection and health, creating a new enterprise of wealth and freedom.

Customer story

We use an open attitude to develop together with customers; support drawings, samples, and personalized demand customization, flexible customization; free development and proofing, small orders and low prices, etc., cooperate with customers to grow and develop together (submit company's website, email,  Contact phone number, business card, social communication account and other free development and proofing, small order low price and other services).

Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Vision: To become an international well-known packaging production enterprises, service global brand customers


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