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Bessy Huang

Design director
  • I am Bessy Huang, the design director.

The design team I lead now has more than 6 people with more than 5 years of working experience. Over the years we have designed many brands of packaging products, but also to provide customers with more than 2000 kinds of packaging solutions. Our mission is to enhance brand value and influence for our customers,and vision is to serve the customers of famous brands in the world. 
 Excellent packaging box design should achieve reasonable proportion of box structure, exquisite shape, highlight the beauty of the shape and material of the box, the beauty of contrast and harmony, the beauty of rhythm and cadence, strive to achieve the purpose of complete functions, exquisite shape, and then adapt to production, sales and even use.
A good product, its box design can play a promotional effect on a product.The product packaging box must have the ability to attract the customer's attention and stimulate the customer to buy;Environmental protection is a necessary consideration for each product. Product packaging box should be considered as beautiful and useful as well as environmental issues.Only packaging that does not damage people's health and does not pollute the environment can become the customer's final choice.
Products with high artistic value are more likely to attract customers' eyes, bring them beauty and win their favor. Attention should be paid to content as well as appearance. The focus of packaging planning is to develop and plan around products, so the features of products should be highlighted from the packaging and conveyed to customers through the form of art.

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