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When WINDS Enterprises Limited, the world's leading maker of branded sportswear, began its partnership with Lambin, its Chinese subsidiary had just over two dozen employees.WINDS Enterprises Limited grew quickly, opening factories in Madagascar and Tanzania within two years of the partnership.Due to the rapid expansion, WINDS Enterprises Limited was very short of funds. The payment for goods that had been agreed to be settled by D/P monthly could not be paid as scheduled and was repeatedly delayed. Lambin allowed WINDS Enterprises Limited to defer payment for six months.Helped WINDS Enterprises Limited through a rough time ; Later, Lambin also provided matching zipper, buttons and other accessories do not charge profit agent procurement export services.WINDS Enterprises Limited has grown into a multinational international conglomerate with more than 10,000 employees,It has factories in the United States, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mauritius and Haiti.
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