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Hangzhou Lambin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in the production of packaging products.


The company is located in Xinhua Creative Park, Xiacheng District, Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China, mainly produces cosmetics packaging boxes, clothing packaging boxes, jewelry packaging boxes, handicrafts and gifts packaging boxes, paper cans, paper handbags, gift bags and other packaging products.

We have 4 layer workshop, a total of 15000 square meters, more than 180 employees. The factory equipped with Germany Heidelberg high definition printing machine, automatic V groove machine, automatic bag machine, quadrilateral edge binding machine, automatic molding machine, intelligent automatic gluing assembly line and other advanced production equipment, has more than 10 years of professional production technology and production team, and checked by the BSCI certification system and SGS audit, daily production of 100,000 boxes, 200,000 handbags; Support OEM flexible customization of incoming samples, free design, development and proofing; Products through the international INTERTECK certification test, has achieved long-term export, cooperation customers all over the world







Qualification certificate and product test report

Authentication center

   business license

   Export registration form

​​​​​​​   Intertek product test certificate

​​​​​​​   In 2015, it obtained The EU BSCI certification

​​​​​​​   In December 2019, the factory passed SGS certification inspection

​​​​​​​   In April 2020, the second class medical device record certificate was obtained

Our company with WINDS GROUP(Hong Kong), MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (US), EDWARDS GARMENT (US), CREAM MAGAZINES (US), TRADE CYCLES LIMITED (TANZANIA), AMISYKA GLOBAL(Malaysia, PALMERS(Chile), ALIBABA, HANGZHOU WANSHILI, WOODPECKER, ANTA and other internationally renowned enterprises have cooperated; In addition, we also produce SPALDING, UNDER AMOUR, SPORT -TEK, EDG, SPRANDI, SKINS, AUTHENTIC and other international brand packaging products.

Our core is to help customers better develop the brand, enhance the brand value and influence, so as to win a good development opportunity for themselves and set up a lambin customized packaging brand.


Openness and inclusiveness is our cooperative attitude. We support online and offline transactions conducted by websites, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Alibaba, and accept payment methods such as TT, Letter of Credit, and paypal. Our open attitude, professional service and perseverance can give every customer the best help, willing to seek common development and prosperity with every customer!

Production Environment

Hangzhou Langbin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Vision: To become an international well-known packaging production enterprises, service global brand customers


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