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Why do Japanese attach importance to packaging design?

Japanese packaging design is ubiquitous and has developed into a specialized knowledge. Packaging is not just an outer garment that protects objects, it also shoulders an important sales responsibility, and even conveys a kind of affection.

Japan's beverage market is huge, and it is a must-see for everyone. Whether it's color matching or modeling, they can highlight each other's eye-catching visual effects on the shelf, hoping to keep consumers' attention for more than 0.2 seconds.

For another example, the Kyoto Fukujuen "Iemon" green tea in cooperation with Suntory, the bottle is designed like a bamboo knot, which is easy to handle and has a natural taste. The matte texture is also used on the printing to echo the bamboo. In addition to the traditional PET bottles, the packaging also includes round cans, square aluminum foil packaging, etc., and they all maintain a consistent design style. In particular, whether the bamboo print on the packaging is perfectly aligned with the curvature of the bottle body, and the texture changes on the surface of different forms of packaging are often the focus of design observation and review.

In addition, at Tokyo's Haneda Airport before, bottled water in the shape of Tokyo's landmark Tokyo Tower was sold, so that visitors to Tokyo can take away their memories. After that, a package with the outline of the Skytree as a design appeared again. The taste of the water remained unchanged, but because of the design of the package, it added a lot of fun.


If you have the experience of buying gifts for others in Japan, you must have a particularly profound experience of packaging. In different stores, even if the same product has a fixed price and looks beautiful and attractive, there are still differences between each store.

One of the most important of these is the added value that the store gives to the goods-packaging. Because the face-saving Japanese must hope that the recipient of the gift can feel the surging heart of the gift giver from the beginning of the packaging.

How much time or money should it take to express emotions? In fact, what matters is no longer the value of the gift itself, but how much thought, time and effort the other party spent to convey the affection.

Japanese packaging is so meticulous and attentive, not only for good-looking and decent, but also full of communication between people who can't wait to make you feel warm. In the past, perhaps we often found it troublesome, or felt that it was not environmentally friendly or unnecessary, so we skipped some details on the gift packaging, but are our thoughts also omitted?

The necessity of packaging design is that the packaging is specific, but it can carry an intangible, full-loaded mind. What are you going to use to wrap your mind? How to make the other person feel your ingenuity through design? It turns out that the part of our lives that design can affect is actually beyond imagination.

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