White cardboard

White cardboard White cardboard

The structure of components :

White cardboard is a kind of white cardboard made of strong, thick, pure high-quality wood pulp. Because the surface is not colored, it is called white cardboard.

Gram weight :200g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g, etc. are more commonly used

Functions and uses:

Mainly used for packaging boxes, corrugated boxes, tags, cigarette packets, business cards, certificates, invitations, handbags, wrappers, month desk calendars and postal postcards.

Characteristics of paper :

Generally, the basis weight of single-layer or multi-layer combined paper made entirely of bleached chemical pulping and fully sized is above 150g/㎡. The characteristics of this kind of cardboard are: high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good evenness.

The front and back are different. The front side has a coating layer, which looks more glossy, but the back side has no coating layer. The surface will generally be treated with laminating, oiling, polishing, and UV. It usually takes 1-2 days for the product to dry after printing. It can be printed on the front and back, and the back can be printed in 4 colors, but the effect of the back printing is not as good as the front printing.


This paper is thick and hard enough. In the same gram of paper, the paper jam hardness is considered to be very high. People who like thick cards will like this paper very much. The color is no less than coated paper. The writing on the reverse side is easily erased immediately. Because the price is very suitable, it is the best choice for postcard paper selection. Generally speaking, the price is high and the price is very reasonable.


This kind of paper is easy to scratch, from printing to writing and daily contact, it is very easy to scratch the front side very ugly. Generally, high-grade cardboard will be coated to prevent the paper from being scratched. Black and dark things will leave traces at the touch of a touch, and they are irreparable. This kind of paper tends to roll up in damp weather, and is generally arched upward.

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