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What types of handbags are there?

Tote bags are not uncommon in our lives. As the name suggests, tote bags are hand-carried bags that are used to hold things and are easy to carry. There are several kinds of portable bags, the most common are portable paper bags, portable plastic bags, in addition to portable cloth bags, small baskets, small baskets, etc., their carrying capacity also depends on their materials. Below I will take you to get to know the most common tote bags.

Most of the hand-held paper bags are made of heavy kraft paper, white cardboard, gray-bottomed white cardboard, white-bottomed white cardboard and copper cardboard, which are printed, die-cut, and glued by an offset press. Due to the modernization of printing technology and equipment, the printing patterns are very exquisite, delicate, and rich in expressions. All the craftsmanship in modern printing can be expressed on a small handbag, such as bronzing, bump, UV, die-cutting, etc.

Due to the difference in materials, kraft paper has better stiffness and toughness, and the surface is relatively rough, and it has a background color. It is generally not suitable for 4-color printing. It only does some single-color printing and does not need to be coated on the surface. Pay attention to the use of good quality glue when bonding the kraft paper handbag, otherwise the bottom and the mouth will burst. At the same time, kraft paper handbags will be degummed if they are placed for too long. White cardboard, white cardboard with gray background, white cardboard with white background and copper cardboard all have a common feature. The surface is delicate and all are white. They are suitable for 4-color printing and can print very exquisite patterns. Due to the paper itself The characteristics of toughness and water resistance, usually after printing, the surface must be coated (BOPP film, also called biaxially oriented polypropylene film, such paper bags are called paper-plastic composite bags) to increase its toughness and water resistance. The handbags after coating treatment generally do not appear degumming. Copper cardboard handbags have the highest cost, followed by white cardboard handbags, white cardboard handbags on gray, and white cardboard handbags on white.

paper bag

According to the materials used, plastic bags are divided into ordinary plastic bags and degradable plastic bags. Generally, the thickness of plastic shopping bags provided by farmers'markets is about 0.005 mm. The thickness of plastic shopping bags provided by large supermarkets and shopping malls is generally between 0.015 mm and 0.020 mm. At present, more than 80% of the plastic shopping bags in the market cannot reach the thickness of 0.025 mm or more. Plastic limit standard. 

Textile bags are mostly made of cotton, canvas, polyester-cotton cloth, Oxford cloth and other materials. The surface of these cloths is rough and cannot be directly finely printed. Screen printing or transfer printing is often used. At the same time, due to the high price of raw materials, the handbags produced are also more expensive.

Portable small baskets and small baskets

Small baskets and small baskets are mostly made of bamboo, wood, and rattan. The carrying items are strong and durable. They are generally handicrafts, expensive, not portable, and the output and usage are not large.

The above are several common handbags. As for how to choose, it depends on their specific purpose. We generally choose tote paper bags for shopping because they are environmentally friendly, recyclable, beautiful in appearance, artistic, tough, durable, and relatively inexpensive.

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