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What should be paid attention to in tea packaging design?

High-quality products are inseparable from first-class packaging. Tea, as a highly circulated commodity, is also applicable. Good tea packaging has collection value and can also be recycled. Under the background of the era of advocating low-carbon consumption, it not only saves resources, but also promotes and effectively spreads traditional tea culture.

The exquisite and unique packaging design can not only give buyers a beautiful enjoyment, but also can greatly arouse consumers' desire to buy and promote the sale of tea under the circumstances of flexible and changeable tea market sales.

The earliest tea packaging is generally limited to meet the requirements of moisture-proof, odor-proof, high-temperature prevention, and deep shading of tea, so that the tea can maintain proper humidity and temperature to ensure that the nutritional components of the tea are not lost or lost, and the color and flavor are not changed. It is convenient for people to carry, store and transport after purchase. A good tea packaging design is to be practical, concise, intuitive and beautify based on simple needs.

Tea is a natural, pollution-free green drink. First, we must fully understand the characteristics of tea and many factors that easily cause changes in tea quality, and avoid factors that are not conducive to tea storage and transportation from the selection of materials; second, we must understand the characteristics of various packaging materials, and choose different options according to different teas. Attribute packaging materials, or wood, or PC, or acrylic, or carton, etc., the choice of materials cannot be the same.

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We must fully experience the characteristics of different packaging materials, and ensure that the packaging materials are consistent with the characteristics of tea. Only in this way can the packaging design be perfect while meeting the basic storage and transportation functions.

The taste of tea trees grown from different soils and waters varies greatly, and geographical differences will also lead to different understandings of tea in different regions. Tea packaging design should highlight this difference, promote its own unique content, and increase consumers'Attention.

Tea packaging design considers the brand's system, continuity, style, tradition, etc., which is the continuation of the tradition of tea packaging design. The design of each product must be responsible for the overall style planning. At the same time, in order to reflect the differences between different series of products in the same brand, another innovation and breakthrough had to be made in the design. In this way, through the tea packaging design that is rich in regionality and uniqueness, consumers can search for and strengthen the impression of the brand tea based on their daily impressions.

Tea packaging design should pay attention to human feelings and wishes, so that consumers can get beautiful hints and happy associations when buying or seeing tea, such as the choice of packaging materials. Wooden packaging can use traditional carvings, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, etc. A variety of artistic methods can even introduce the works of famous artists to increase the color of tea culture.

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