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What fabric is protective clothing

Protective clothing has different properties due to the different raw materials used. At present, the non-woven materials used in several medical protective clothing that are currently being sold and developed on the domestic market are mainly the following.

Polypropylene spunbond fabric

Polypropylene spunbond fabric can be treated with antibacterial and antistatic to make antibacterial protective clothing and antistatic protective clothing. Compared with traditional cotton protective clothing, polypropylene spunbond protective clothing is undoubtedly a big improvement. Because of its low price and one-time use, it can greatly reduce the cross-infection rate. It has been widely promoted abroad in a long period of time since its launch. However, the material has relatively low anti-hydrostatic pressure and relatively poor blocking efficiency of virus particles, and can only be used as ordinary protective equipment such as sterile surgical gowns and disinfection wraps.


Spunlace cloth made of polyester fiber and wood pulp

The material feels soft, close to traditional textiles, and can be treated with three antibodies (anti-alcohol, anti-blood, and anti-oil), anti-static, anti-bacterial, etc., and can be disinfected with gamma rays. It is a relatively good medical protective clothing material. However, its anti-hydrostatic pressure is relatively low, and the efficiency of blocking virus particles is also relatively poor, so it is not an ideal protective clothing material.

Polypropylene spunbond-meltblown-spunbond composite non-woven fabric, namely SMS or SMMS

Meltblown cloth is characterized by small fiber diameter, large specific surface area, fluffy, soft, good drape, low filtration resistance, high filtration efficiency, strong hydrostatic pressure resistance, but low strength and poor wear resistance, which is quite limited The development of its application field. The spunbond fiber has a higher linear density, and the fiber web is composed of continuous filaments, and its breaking strength and elongation are much larger than that of meltblown cloth, which can just make up for the deficiencies of meltblown cloth.

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