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What are the classifications and uses of protective masks?

The role of the protective mask is to provide the wearer with safe and effective personal respiratory protection. However, in a real application environment, the face screen or lens of the protective mask is prone to fogging, which may cause confusion to many operators. Fogging of the lens will cause visual impact and obstacles to the operator, thereby hindering work. So how to improve the fogging of the protective mask? I sorted out the causes, hazards and improvement methods of fogging on the protective surface, and let's take a look.

The hazards of fogging on the face of the protective mask:

As an important protective equipment, the protective mask must not only provide reliable protection performance, but also fully consider the convenience of the user in other aspects. During use, if the face screen of the protective mask is fogged, it will undoubtedly bring certain operational obstacles to the user, which is so serious that the user cannot see the object and lose the effective working ability. Therefore, when buying, you can't choose a protective mask for cheap.


Reasons for the fogging of the protective mask:

It is due to the presence of warm gas in the eye area of the protective mask that water vapor condenses on the surface of the relatively cold lens. This is the same as the lens fogging when entering the room with glasses in the cold season. The use of protective masks in various operating environments may cause fogging of the face screen or lens, which is the most typical in cold and hot environments.

1. In a cold environment, the low temperature of the external environment causes the surface temperature of the lens to be low, and the warm and humid air exhaled by the user diffuses to the eyes and the face screen area, and the face screen or eye window is fogged or even frosted.

2. In a hot environment, the user is often in a state of thermal stress, the skin temperature of the eye area rises, and sweating is accelerated, forming a local overheated and humid environment, and water mist is also formed on the lens.

Classification of protective masks:

1. The anti-solid dust and chemical solution mask is made of lightweight transparent plastic or polycarbonate plastic. The sides and lower ends of the mask extend to the ears, lower chin and neck respectively, so that the mask can fully cover the face and enhance the protective effect.

2. Heat protection masks In addition to the aluminum foil masks that are matched with the aluminum foil heat protection clothing, there are also chrome or nickel-plated double-layer metal meshes, which have good heat reflection and heat insulation, and can prevent microwave radiation.

3. Mask for electric welders It is made of dark green glass for electric welder's protective glasses, and the surrounding is matched with a mask made of thick hard paper fiber, which has better heat protection effect and certain electrical insulation.

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