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The role of packaging design in product marketing

What role does packaging design play in product marketing? Many commodity manufacturers spend a lot of money to advertise and market their products, but the final effect is not satisfactory, and some of their peers do less advertising and do not do enough marketing, but their products are selling very well. Why?

We say whether a product is good or not, first of all look at its packaging. If you ignore this key point, then no matter how well you do the follow-up work, it will only get half the result with half the effort, and it will be a drop in the bucket. So what role does packaging design play in product marketing? What important position does it occupy? 

First of all, we say that a good packaging design is a silent marketer and a free salesman. When consumers want to buy a product, the first thing they pay attention to is its packaging. If your packaging is on the shelf and can be eye-catching, then consumers will become interested in your product and buy your product. The opportunity has also greatly increased.

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Second, product packaging design can give consumers a cultural experience. If you just find some general-purpose packaging on the market or a relatively poor packaging design company to make a rudimentary packaging box, then consumers may think that the production company of your product is not so professional and reliable, even if your product No matter how good the quality is, consumers will probably not pay for your products. But if you give consumers a cultural experience through packaging, such as attracting them to the connotation of packaging, the historical and cultural accumulation of the product, and the regional cultural characteristics of the product, then consumers will inevitably be There is a strong interest in the ins and outs of this product and the cultural connotation of the product. This has done marketing and advertising for your product in silence.

Finally, the packaging design is done, and the advertising and marketing problems can be solved once and for all. This is because if a consumer thinks that a product's packaging is good, he will definitely share it with his friends and recommend your product to friends and relatives on various occasions. This is a huge promotion resource and does not require you. For marketing methods that spend any cost, as long as you do a good job of packaging design, you don't have to worry about your products not being sold. This is the reason. Therefore, we have repeatedly emphasized that the packaging design of a product plays an extremely important position in the marketing process of the product. It can even determine the success or failure of the product, whether the product is sold or eliminated from the market. Therefore, when we are making products, we must first make a package.

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