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The effect of food packaging design on products

The beginning of natural packaging is the use of natural materials for preservation and carrying, forming the original packaging thinking. After human civilization began to take shape, there was technological progress, a reasonable social division of labor, product surplus, material civilization, and spiritual civilization. Packaging has also evolved from the use of in-situ materials from nature to the use of invented weaving technology and papermaking technology to the exquisite wood carving packaging that appeared later. Modern carton packaging is light and easy to fold. The plastic packaging is tighter. Injecting air can keep the food fresh; glass, ceramics, iron products, etc. are often used for liquid food packaging. Therefore, the evolution of food packaging materials is a process of assembling human wisdom. In the process of continuously satisfying human demands, they have been continuously created and improved, and then formed today's prosperity.


Food packaging design must be interesting and attractive, surprise consumers, stimulate consumer interest, and convince consumers that the product will not live up to his expectations of the brand. Food packaging design must bring new things to the market, and at the same time clearly express brand value, bring surprises to consumers, stimulate consumer interest, and convince consumers that the product will not live up to his expectations of the brand .

In order to better sell products, in addition to keeping the products intact during transportation, technical and artistic food packaging design preparations are also required. The inner beauty is reliable, but the visual impression has complete decision-making power. People often "judge products by appearance" when choosing. Food packaging design can make people determine whether the price of a product is appropriate at first glance. The most commonly used beverage packaging material in the market is plastic packaging, which is portable, easy to shape, low cost, and suitable for mass production. Many expensive packaging materials for drinks and glass products that are prohibitive to people are generally 3 to 5 times the ordinary price. In comparison, the business strategy of grasping people's consumer psychology and weighing value and impressing people's luxury aesthetic food packaging design is also a psychological means and goal to achieve commercial profit strategy. The relatively expensive packaging materials are a manifestation of the outer packaging materials of commodities, which will make people have a reasonable psychological illusion that the commodity prices are relatively high. People rely on clothing, and products rely on the ingenious combination of external food packaging design and materials to show the circulation value of commodities.

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