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The difference between protective glasses and protective masks

Protective glasses and face shields are a kind of personal protective equipment, mainly to protect the eyes and face from dust, smoke, metal and gravel debris and chemical solution splash damage, some special protective glasses or face shields It can also prevent the radiation of electromagnetic waves such as ultraviolet, infrared, and microwave to the human face.

So in different positions, what kind of protective equipment should we choose? Should I choose small and portable protective glasses, or a protective mask with a higher safety factor and a larger protective area? Today, Collar and Safety Protection will introduce the difference between protective glasses and protective masks for everyone to understand in more detail.

Protective glasses classification

Protective glasses are usually made of flexible plastic and rubber, and the frame is wide enough to cover the user's eyes. Protective glasses are mainly divided into three categories: anti-solid dust impact, anti-liquid splash and anti-radiation.

1. Protective glasses of the anti-solids category are mainly used to prevent mechanical damage to the eyes such as metal or sand and gravel debris. The spectacle lens and spectacle frame should be strong and shock resistant. There should be venting holes around the frame. Protective lenses can be tempered glass, glue-bonded glass or copper wire mesh protective glasses.

2. Protective glasses against chemical solutions are mainly used to protect the eyes from chemical damage caused by irritating or corrosive solutions. Ordinary plain lenses can be used, and the frame should be covered to prevent the solution from splashing.


3. Radiation-proof protective glasses are used to protect the eyes from excessive ultraviolet rays and other radiation rays. The lens is made of special glass that can reflect or absorb radiation, but can transmit a certain amount of visible light. The lens is plated with bright chromium, nickel, mercury or silver metal film, which can reflect radiation; the blue lens absorbs infrared rays, the yellow-green lens absorbs both ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the colorless leaded lens absorbs X-rays and gamma rays.

A mask that prevents group debris and chemical solutions from splashing into the eyes and damaging the face. It is made of lightweight transparent plastic, mostly polycarbonate and other plastics. The sides and lower ends of the mask extend toward the ears and the lower forehead toward the neck, making the mask It can cover the face more comprehensively to enhance the protective effect.

In addition to the aluminum foil mask mentioned in the heat-resistant clothing, the heat-protection mask can also be made of single-layer or double-layer metal mesh, but it is better to use a double layer to block part of the radiation and dissipate heat in the air. If it can be plated with chrome or nickel, it can enhance reflection and heat protection and prevent rust.

The metal mesh mask can also prevent microwave radiation.

The mask for electric welders is made of hard paper fiber with a certain thickness, which is light in weight, heat-resistant, and has good electrical insulation. The biggest difference between protective glasses and protective visors is that protective glasses can only protect the eyes; while protective visors can protect the entire head of the human body.

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