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The development trend of medical protective clothing materials(2)

2. Composite membrane materials

The most important function of medical protective clothing is to have a protective barrier effect. The composite membrane material can not only improve the barrier efficiency, but also effectively improve the mechanical properties of medical protective clothing. The protective clothing in this epidemic prevention mostly uses SMS materials, SSS laminating materials and SFS materials. Some of the protective clothing uses PE film. The protective performance of PE film can fully meet or exceed the national standard requirements, but it has poor air permeability and sultry after wearing. Some protective clothing uses waterproof and breathable membranes, such as microporous PTFE membranes and waterproof and breathable PU membranes. These materials can transmit the moisture of the human body to the outside. Due to the high waterproof level requirements, there are also problems of stuffiness and moisture permeability. The effect is slightly better than PE film. The following figure shows a kind of organic silicon breathable composite membrane prepared with porous membrane and organic silicon as raw materials. This membrane is composed of composite membrane, waterproof layer, sponge layer, fiber layer, organic silicon layer, and double-sided adhesive pad. The surface layer is waterproof. The layer realizes the functions of waterproof and anti-permeation. The sponge layer is provided with vents with uniform density to achieve certain functions such as ventilation and cushioning. The organic silicon layer further enhances the waterproof function. Composite multilayer film materials represented by such materials have been used in outdoor protective clothing and other materials. In addition, Yu Qing uses polystyrene (PS) as a raw material, combines PS and PET through electrospinning technology to prepare a composite film, and adds PU film to the composite film to modify the composite film. The composite film prepared by this method has good air permeability, flexibility and tensile properties, and can be widely used in the field of medical protective materials.

Considering that durable medical protective clothing requires high temperature disinfection, high temperature resistant membrane materials can be used. Some researchers have used polyurethane and polytetrafluoroethylene composite to prepare composite membranes. The method is to use polyurethane injection molding to make PU membranes, and polytetrafluoroethylene and polytrifluoroethylene to make PTFE composite membranes by injection molding. The composite bonding surface of the PU film and the PTFE composite film is coated with a high-temperature resistant adhesive, and the composite film is formed by hot-press bonding, solidification and cooling. The film has good mechanical properties and high temperature resistance, and has great practical value.


3. Antibacterial material

In order to further enhance the protection of medical staff, the research and development of new antibacterial protective materials has become an urgent market demand. There are three main research and development methods for antibacterial nonwoven materials:

The first method is to prepare antibacterial materials using fiber materials with antibacterial properties. For example, by mixing antibacterial Ag + or nano TiO 2 in the spinning dope, the antibacterial spunbond fabric can be prepared.

The second method is to carry out antibacterial finishing of nonwoven materials. The antibacterial finishing agent is applied to the nonwoven material by padding, knife coating, etc., and after curing and crosslinking for a certain time and temperature, the material has antibacterial properties.

The third method is to use a composite method to make a certain layer of the protective clothing fabric antibacterial.

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