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The development trend of medical protective clothing materials(1)

The market urgently needs high-performance, lightweight, soft and breathable materials to improve the comfort and usability of protective clothing. There are mainly the following types of new medical protective clothing materials at home and abroad.

1. Elastic nonwoven material

In the process of medical treatment, medical staff will inevitably be in a different state of motion. At this stage, conventional non-woven fabrics lack elasticity, which can cause tearing of medical protective clothing during squatting or large movements. Compared with ordinary non-woven materials, elastic non-woven materials have superior elasticity, shrinkage and comfort. It is a new research hotspot in the non-woven material industry, and has been widely used in diaper waist and side circumferences. At present, the clothing worn by people has widely adopted micro-elastic fabrics to reduce the restraint of clothing to human movement. Therefore, medical protective clothing can learn from the use of micro-elastic fabrics to improve the wearability and comfort of protective clothing.

isolation suit

Foreign elastic non-woven materials have been studied for a long time and have been widely used in the market. Among them, the United States Kimberly-Clark is the first company to produce melt-blown elastic materials. Since then, with the wide application of meltblown elastic nonwoven materials, it has also developed rapidly in Europe, Japan and other places. Espansione produced by Kanebo is a melt-blown elastic non-woven material made of polyurethane elastomer, with a maximum stretch rate of 350% to 700%. It has high elasticity and shrinkage and can be used as medical protective clothing. Material use. In addition, Kanebo combines polyurethane meltblown elastic nonwoven fabric with polyurethane microporous film obtained by impregnation or coating. The elastic composite material has high stretchability and water vapor permeability. In addition, the elastic non-woven fabric made of thermoplastic elastomer by melt-blown method can not only improve the processing performance of the raw material, but also improve the use performance of the material through the composite of the raw material and the structure. The Procter&Gamble (Procter & Gamble) company combines 20%-50% fatty acid or fatty alcohol and 50%-80% AB-A nested copolymer (component A is polystyrene, component B is polyethylene- Butene) mixed extruded fiber, the elastic non-woven fabric produced by the melt-blown method has excellent elasticity and strength, simple processing, low production cost, and overcomes the shortcomings of traditional non-woven fabrics of poor tear resistance and poor elasticity.

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