Tactile paper

Tactile paper Tactile paper

The structure of components :

Tactile paper is a kind of paper with suede touch. The processing technology is more complicated, but the printing effect is better. The color of the touch-sensitive paper is white, black, red, wine red, dark blue, coffee, etc. It can be embossed with various textures, and can be made single-sided, double-sided, flat sheet, roll, special specifications, etc. according to customer requirements.

Gram weight :There are 120g, 150g, 180g, 250g, 300g, 400g

Functions and uses:

Commonly used in high-end packaging industry, suitable for bronzing and silver, not suitable for four-color printing

Characteristics of paper :

1. Hand feel, smooth and delicate, with obvious heavy feeling.

2. Second, the color is full, no traces of dots left by the intaglio plate, and high-grade.

3. Weather resistance, scratch resistance, folding resistance, color change and light change resistance. Whether it is packaging or printing, first of all, the color cannot be faded, and the lack of color does not reflect the grade and elegance of this paper. Especially if the weather resistance is not strong, such as: weak scratch resistance can easily lead to abrasion of the finished product; impervious to folding and bursting, discoloration under natural light or lighting, and the finished product becomes painted when displayed; solvent resistance is not strong in packaging Cleaning problems cannot be avoided during printing production, which will lead to the scrapping of semi-finished products during production and increase the loss.

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