Specialty paper

Specialty paper Specialty paper

The structure of components :

Paper with special purpose and relatively small output. There are many types of special paper, which is a collective term for various special-purpose papers or art papers, but now sellers collectively refer to art papers such as embossed paper as special papers, mainly to simplify the confusion of terms caused by the wide variety. Specialty paper includes: cotton paper, rice paper, interlayer paper, dust-free paper, greaseproof paper, dustproof paper, rustproof paper, banknote paper, tissue paper, inkjet paper, wipe paper, thermal paper, tracing paper, filter Paper, embossing paper, blotting paper, tea bag paper, aluminum foil paper, copy paper, art paper, shoji paper, breathable paper, parchment paper, carbon paper, burr paper, release paper base paper, carbonless carbon paper, wallpaper base paper, glass cardboard, Coffee filter paper, peel-off paper, physiological paper, cigarette card, glassine paper, wallpaper covering material, Minair board paper, moisture absorption paper, flame-resistant paper, asbestos paper, tar paper, mildew proof paper, static electricity prevention paper, conductive paper, Semi-conductive paper, battery separation paper, electromagnetic shielding paper, electrical insulation paper, heat-resistant paper, automotive filter paper, air conditioning filter paper, deodorizing filter paper, medical and sanitary paper, medicine package paper, sterile paper, medical tape substrate, surgical gown , Abrasive paper, silkworm cotton paper, hot bed paper, coated paper, shading paper, nursery paper, insect-proof paper, pressure sensitive recording paper, printed circuit board thick paper, thermal recording paper, magnetic recording paper, magnetic cardboard, thermal transfer Recording paper, electronic base board paper and other various information paper, photo paper, lens wiping paper, printing paper, paper string, sulfuric acid paper, calligraphy and painting paper, humidity control paper, ink flow paper, cosmetic paper, enzyme Immobilization paper, suction paper, spinning paper, etc.

Gram weight :Ranging from 80g-400g

Functions and uses:

Used for printing business cards, covers, decorations, handicrafts, fine products, etc.

Characteristics of paper :

Therefore, it is generally only used for the design and printing of covers or important materials.

Second, most special papers have good absorption and strong penetration, but because of the uneven texture, the ink penetrates into the gaps during printing, especially the large-area solid plates, which are difficult to dry and easy to stick. When printing four-color overprinted images of people, the tone is rather dull. When consumers who do not like soft tones do not understand why the color of the product printed on special paper is not bright enough, so when printing on special paper, you must communicate the printing effect to the customer to avoid unnecessary losses .

Third, when printing on colored special paper, it is important to note that the surface of dark special paper cannot print four-color images. Only printing inks with metallic luster or special colors, such as gold, silver, brick, etc.

If a four-color mesh image is printed on the surface of light beige, light green, light blue, light pink and other light-toned specialty papers, color cast will occur. Under normal circumstances, the tone will be biased toward the color of the paper surface. Therefore, it is best not to use colored paper to print halftone images during design. But if you can correctly use different styles and different colors of special paper to design works, there will be unexpected special effects, which will add to your work and add a lot of color.

Fourth, the use of various post-press processing methods on the surface of special paper will also produce different styles. Such as hot stamping and embossing on the surface of special paper are very good.

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