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Protective mask

The protective mask is an industrial protective mask used to protect the eyes and face from dust, chemicals, heat, poisonous gas, debris and other harmful substances. It is equipped with toothed knobs on the left and right sides of the elastic head clamp. A large arc-shaped thin curved transparent cover is installed on the toothed knob. The large arc-shaped thin-curved transparent cover can be rotated on the face or the top of the head on the elastic head clamp with the toothed knob. It can be used in conjunction with gas masks, dust masks, and work caps to achieve comprehensive protection.

The protective mask is divided into different types according to the use occasion: welding mask, safety protection mask, medical protection mask, gas mask and radiation protection mask.

The role of welding mask

Eye protection: double filter to avoid harmful ultraviolet and infrared radiation generated by arc, and damage to eyes caused by strong welding light, to prevent electro-optic ophthalmia.

Face protection: Effectively prevent splashes and harmful objects from work on the face and reduce the occurrence of skin burns.

Respiratory protection: The airflow guide can effectively reduce the harmful gas and dust released from welding to the body and prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis occupational diseases.


Medical protective mask

The mask is made of transparent material. The lower part of the mask is provided with a mask box. The mask box and the mask are separable and can be worn independently. The mask box contains fillers. The upper end of the mask is provided with an eversion edge. The fully enclosed protective mask made of non-toxic transparent material can be used multiple times and can be worn by doctors during treatment. Because of its transparency and wide vision, it is conducive to the operation of medical staff. The mask box and mask are detachable and can be worn independently. Therefore, when taking off the protective clothing, combined with the protection requirements of the hospital, it is taken off step by step in different contaminated areas. Greatly improve the level of protection. The utility model is designed in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics, and nine straps are combined with the head, so it is comfortable to wear. The gap between the mask and the head is large and filled with highly elastic materials, so it can be worn by people with different head shapes on the premise of maintaining the overall seal.

Gas mask

As personal protective equipment, gas masks are used to provide effective protection to the respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin of personnel. The face mask is an important part of the gas mask, and it is the part that isolates the person's face from the outside air. The gas mask is composed of a mask, a gas tube and a canister. The mask can be directly connected to the canister for use, or connected to the canister with a gas tube. The anti-virus mask can be selected according to the protection requirements of various types of canisters, which are used in chemical, warehouse, scientific research, and various toxic and harmful operating environments.

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