Pearl paper

Pearl paper Pearl paper Pearl paper

The structure of components :

The composition of pearl paper is the same as ordinary white paper, that is, it is composed of three parts: bottom fiber, filler and surface coating. The difference from ordinary whiteboard paper is that the surface coating has particles that form pearlescent effect. The particles are composed of titanium dioxide (or other metal oxides) and mica particles. The mica particles are formed by being wrapped by titanium dioxide (or other metal oxides), and the structure is in the form of flakes. There are single-sided and double-sided pearl paper, which can be produced according to different requirements such as demand, color, basis weight (gram weight), texture, and size.

Gram weight :250G、280G

Functions and uses:

High-end picture albums, books, exquisite packaging, packing boxes, greeting cards, hang tags, etc., are widely used

Characteristics of paper :

The ink absorption performance is poor; the surface of the sheet structure is smooth, and the paper surface is required to be relatively light in the papermaking process (so that the pearlescent effect can better penetrate the coating into the human eye), resulting in the surface of the pearlescent paper than ordinary whiteboard paper The energy is much smaller, the ink is not easy to adhere and absorb, and is not easy to dry during printing. The pearlescent effect on the surface is easily destroyed. In contrast, pearlescent paper has a higher cost.

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