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Packaging design of plant elements(1)

Excellent packaging design can attract people's attention, convey information, and trigger consumers' desire to purchase products. How to make the outer packaging design of the product win the favor and favor of customers has become the focus of the product company. In recent years, there have been frequent problems in the natural ecological environment on which mankind depends for survival, which has caused people to pay more and more attention to issues such as environmental protection and return to nature. Designers have also begun to cleverly incorporate plant elements into packaging design to refresh The elegant visual language makes the product present a natural beauty.

Pearlfisher is an independent brand design studio founded in London, England in 1992, and successively established branches in New York, San Francisco and Copenhagen. The pearl divers are committed to creating innovative, ideological and contemporary graphic design works, and have designed many classic works for many famous brands around the world. Their design works have won the London International Advertising Awards, the New York Advertising Awards, and the Cannes Advertising Festival. Professional awards such as the Lion Award.

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The pearl-catcher design studio mainly designs outer packaging for food, health and beauty products, travel products, electronic music products, and leisure products. Among them, "design for nature" is an area they have been exploring in recent years. Designers get creative inspiration from plants, and present these plant elements on the packaging design in a way that best fits the product characteristics, bringing a comfortable visual experience, creating a beautiful feeling close to nature, and then driving product consumption. Obtain the brand effect.

When people give flowers as gifts to women, what similar products can be given to men as gifts? The "Ask Beer" product project participated by the Pearl Plier Design Studio gave the answer through design. "Ask Beer" is a product of the Danish online floral gift shop "Interflora", dedicated to creating a "natural product for boys". "Huajian" is famous for offering flowers to women as gifts, but when it comes to gifting natural products to men, no one thinks of "Huajian". "Question Beer" puts male beer as its main consumer in the same position as flower products, separates a product from its own female customer-oriented brand, and enters the male market in a new way of gifting. Due to the fierce competition in the beer industry and many products of the same type, how to convey information through packaging design and leave an impression on consumers has become particularly important. The designer of the pearl picker chose the image of a towering tree that grows deep into the ground and the roots spread in the beer packaging design. The shape of the tree is upright and tough, in line with the ideal masculine traits in the hearts of women. The name and design of the product are inspired by the "Tree of the Universe" (Yggdrasil) in Norse mythology. The color of the pattern is white and shaded, and the beer bottle is made of brown renewable glass. This product inherited the plant genes of "Huajian" and successfully created differentiation. After the launch, based on the brand story and design, the first batch of products were sold out in just two weeks.

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