PVC matte sheet

PVC matte sheet PVC matte sheet PVC matte sheet

The structure of components :

Adopting special formula and advanced technology to produce impact-resistant hard film with cold resistance of -20℃ before leaving the factory.

Gram weight :

1. Coil thickness is 0.05-1.0 mm, width is 400-2000mm (conventional stocking is 610mm and 660mm)

2. The thickness of the compound film is 0.2-1.0mm, the width is 915*1220mm (3*4), 915*1830mm (3*6)

Functions and uses:

Europe and the United States value printing and packaging products with quality and environmental protection requirements.

Characteristics of paper :

(1) The product has good transparency, good surface gloss, bright color, fine sand texture, good hand feeling, few crystal points and bubbles, and has the characteristics of strong impact resistance, chemical resistance and easy processing and molding.

(2) This product has good inking properties, sturdiness, strong folding toughness, no whitening, good printing flatness, and resistance to tortuosity.

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