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Nine misunderstandings in the choice of protective clothing(1)

Misunderstanding 1: Protective clothing can be used indefinitely

In many people's minds, radiation protective clothing can be used for a long time. In fact, protective clothing only has an effective service life of several years. The first reason is that the lead rubber, the main material of the protective clothing, will age, causing the lead powder to detach; the second is that the folds and wear parts caused by improper maintenance and years of wear are the places where radiation leaks.

Misunderstanding 2: Protective clothing is lead clothing

Many people think that only lead suits can protect against radiation. In fact, all heavy metals may be good radiation protection materials, but their prices may be expensive. For example, tin (Sn), bismuth (Bi), tungsten (W) and their alloys are all light and good protective materials, but they are expensive.

isolation suit

Misunderstanding 3: Use a straight line to detect protective clothing

Doctors often use direct rays to check the quality of protective clothing. Medical protective clothing is to protect scattered rays, not direct rays. The international and domestic professional testing institutions have prescribed scientific testing standards and methods, and their common feature is to simulate the scattered rays in the operating room to detect protective clothing. Therefore, it is not advisable to use direct radiation to detect the quality of protective clothing.

Misunderstanding 4: The heavier the protective clothing, the safer

The protective performance of protective clothing depends on the size and uniformity of its metal particles. Metal particles; the smaller the distribution, the better the performance. On the contrary, the heavier the protective material, the larger the lead particles or other metal particles may be, the larger the gap, the worse the protective performance, and the heavier the protective clothing itself.

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