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Modern packaging design process

Packaging designers should master the packaging design process. As far as the modern packaging market is concerned, packaging design mainly includes market research, design conception, design creativity, design performance and other processes. After mastering the packaging design process, it will help design more Packaging works that conform to the aesthetic characteristics of modern design and are more in line with the people-oriented design philosophy.

Market research

Master the market situation. Since the packaging design is based on the sales and services for the enterprise, the design must meet the market demand. Therefore, in addition to certain theoretical knowledge, designers also need to master certain market conditions. Living in a modern society cannot be ignorant of the trend of the times and fashion trends. Only with a certain grasp of these can we make a design that conforms to the aesthetic concepts of modern people. Otherwise, a design that cannot keep up with the times will be a failure.

Understand what the subject needs. The objects here often include two types: corporate customers and consumers. But because the school's courses are for students to learn, there are few opportunities to contact companies, so customer relationships are only virtual. Therefore, it is even more necessary to figure out the preferences and needs of the consumers. Only when the consumers' preferences and needs are truly put into the packaging design, the products can naturally come into the hands of consumers.

The performance of the packaged product. The performance of the packaged product mainly includes the physical state, shape, strength, weight, structure, value, and risk of the product. This is the first issue that should be considered when packaging.

Selection of packaging methods. The choice of packaging method is very important, it is related to the transportation, handling, and extraction form of the product. Including plastic packaging, paper packaging, metal packaging, fabric packaging and so on.


Idea is the soul of design. It is difficult to formulate formulas such as fixed conception methods and conception procedures in design creation. Creation is mostly from immature to mature. In this process, it is normal to affirm some or deny some, modify some or supplement some. The core of the idea is to consider two issues of what to express and how to express.

① Performance focus. Emphasis refers to the concentrated point of content. Packaging design is carried out within a limited screen, which is a limitation of space. At the same time, packaging is recognized by buyers in a short period of time during sales, which is a time limitation. This kind of time and space restriction requires that packaging design cannot be blindly comprehensive and comprehensive. Putting everything on it means nothing.

②Performance angle. This is the deepening after the manifestation is determined, that is, after finding the main attack target, there must be a specific breakthrough. If it focuses on the performance of trademarks and brands, does it represent the image, or some meaning of the brand? If the product itself is the focus of performance, is it the external image of the product, or a certain internal attribute of the product? Is it the expression of co-composition or its functional utility? Things have different perspectives of understanding, and the performance is more concentrated in one perspective, which will benefit the vividness of performance.

Packaging design creativity can be embodied in many aspects, from packaging materials, packaging forms, packaging structure, packaging brand fonts, packaging graphics, packaging colors, packaging layout and other specific links to reflect creativity. Packaging design belongs to the art of visual communication. It seeks visual originality and aesthetics. At the same time, it must have clear information. Without the creative expression of clear and informative visual forms, its creativity cannot reflect the commercial value of packaging. Creativity always requires Around the function of packaging to spread information.

① The basic situation of the market. Such as the market characteristics and potential of the product, competitors, etc.

②The basic situation of the consumer group. Such as: the age, economic income, cultural quality of the consumer group.

packaging box

③The basic situation of market-related products and its own products. Including brand image and popularity, goodwill, trust, product price, quality, sales methods, etc.

For packaging design, visual communication skills are a difficult task. Because the packaging design is related to the three-dimensional space, it is different from the graphic design of the two-dimensional space, and there are more aspects to be concerned about. But generally speaking, it is carried out from three aspects: color, text, and pattern.

① Good color can produce strong visual recognition and impact, so it is one of the important factors affecting the competitiveness of commodities. A good package must have good visual quality, which can capture consumers' attention. How to use the characteristics of color (hue, chroma, brightness, etc.) to shape the visual communication power of commodity packaging and change people's emotions has become the focus of design. The designer uses color for reference based on market research.

② A good package often has an excellent design with its text layout and changes, and the flexible use of fonts. The brand image, performance, and characteristics of products must also be expressed and highlighted by words. Therefore, consumers often recognize products through words. Therefore, the proper use of words in packaging design affects product sales. One of the most important factors.

③The use of patterns in packaging design contributes to product sales. Many product packaging uses words and colors to express that it is difficult for consumers to have an intuitive understanding of the product. If consumers lack trust in the product, the sales of the product will be greatly reduced. If realistic or painted patterns are added to the packaging, The advantages of the product can be explained concretely and truthfully.

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