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"Minimalism" in Packaging Design

Emphasizing function and not decoration is a very important design principle of minimalist packaging design, which is reflected in many packaging design works. Minimalist related design has always adhered to the basic design principle of focusing on function and light on decoration, and discarding all useless decorations as much as possible, leaving only some necessary design elements for embellishment.

In minimalist packaging design, in order to reduce unnecessary decorations in product packaging, we will do our best to maintain the basic characteristics of product packaging. Many product packaging usually adopt transparent packaging design forms, and some products may not even Packaging is only to highlight the basic attributes of related products.

The purpose of its design and creation is to make consumers more open and transparent in the consumption of related products, so as to provide consumers with the most basic guarantee and truly serve the public.

In the minimalist packaging design, the selection of materials and the use of related processes always follow the basic principles of nature, conservation and ecological protection. Designers usually use pure natural, non-toxic and non-polluting materials in the selection of relevant materials for product packaging.


In the production process, the packaging materials are rarely processed and complicated, and the best efforts are made to maintain the original basic characteristics of the product packaging. In product packaging, the materials used are diverse, and different product types will lead to corresponding product packaging.

Certain changes will also occur in material selection. For example: aluminum foil paper, cellophane, virgin paper and plastics and other related materials have different uses in the use of product packaging. The packaging design of the product must not only ensure the integrity of the product, but also highlight the characteristics of the product, so as to well meet people's related needs for the product.

As the pace of life and work accelerates, people are getting more and more tired of those gorgeous and complicated things. Returning to nature and seeking the essence have become the life people desire to pursue. Therefore, product packaging cannot blindly pay attention to the luxury and gorgeousness of the form regardless of the cost in the selection of related materials. The form must be simplified, and the production process must be designed based on the protection of the natural environment and the scientific and rational use of relevant resources. The principle of moderation.

The main purpose of packaging the product is to better protect the product and prevent it from being damaged during transportation. Minimalist packaging design has always attached great importance to the practicability and functionality of product packaging, and its artistic expression is both intuitive and profound. Regarding the shape and structure of the packaging design, redundant and complicated decorations should be removed as much as possible, and more attention should be paid to highlighting the functions of the product.

The form of each product is very different. For the form of each product, designing a reasonable and appropriate product packaging requires careful consideration.

First of all, highlighting the complete function of the product packaging is the most critical link in the minimalist packaging design. On the basis of ensuring its complete function, the beauty of minimalism is reflected in the product packaging by its design Essential requirements.

Secondly, minimalist design is not simply removing certain elements, but designing according to the relevant shape and function of the product, removing those redundant and complicated decorations, and doing its best to highlight the inherent basic attributes of the product. 

In minimalist packaging design, the related design of its modeling structure usually adopts three-dimensional structure and multi-point connection method. In this way, it not only saves the cost of production, but also retains the beauty of simplicity of product packaging to a great extent.

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