Litmus paper

litmus paper litmus paper

The structure of components :

Sulfuric acid paper is made of fine plant fibers intertwined with each other and subjected to free pulping, no sizing, no fillers, papermaking in a humid state, and then soaked in 72% concentrated sulfuric acid for 2 to 3 seconds, washed with water and then glycerin It is a hard film-like substance formed after treatment and final drying. The texture of sulfuric acid paper is firm, dense and slightly transparent. It has the characteristics of strong resistance to oil and water penetration, airtightness, and high humidity. It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, sterilization, and disinfection.

Gram weight :There are 63gA4, 63gA3, 73gA4, 73gA3, 83gA4, 83gA3, 90gA4, 90gA3 and other specifications.

Functions and uses:

Widely used in manual drawing, pen/inkjet CAD plotters, engineering electrostatic copying, laser printing, fine art printing, archive records, sang drawings, printing design plate making, gift packaging, album pages

Characteristics of paper :

It has the characteristics of pure paper, high strength, good transparency, no deformation, light resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging, etc.

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