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Knowledge points of the packaging box

Packaging boxes can be seen everywhere in our lives. No matter which supermarket we enter, we can see all kinds of products, colorful and different in shape. The first thing that catches consumers' eyes is the product packaging box. In fact, it is not only a supermarket, but it can be seen everywhere in our lives.

In addition to bulk products such as fresh fruits, we see paper packaging boxes the most. There are also various types of them, including built-in combination gate boxes, left and right opening and closing door styles, and package combination book styles. Under these basic frameworks, designers' whims and ideas are incorporated. Packaging designers have created ever-changing box shapes.

1. Socket box

The upper and lower ears are the same as the bottom. Most of them are on opposite sides. They can also be opened on the same side, which is convenient for packaging and has a wide range of uses. It is suitable for lighter weight commodities, such as cosmetics and daily necessities. This kind of box type is generally printed on white cardboard or pit paper, and can be folded after die cutting, with simple modeling and craftsmanship. Socket type packaging boxes are generally used for inner boxes and simple color box card boxes, and the price is cheap.

2. Drawer box

The lid box can give people a sense of intuition, and the drawer box can give people a sense of mystery. It is mysterious because it makes people feel an urge to pull it out and explore the "treasures" inside. It is born a "treasure box". It is divided into two parts: an inner box and a sleeve box. Open and close, use more paper, and the price is slightly higher, which is a better quality packaging method.


3. Book box

The packaging is like a book, and the box is opened from the side. Its oil panel and bottom box are made of materials according to the size and function of the packaging box. Some book-shaped boxes require magnets, iron sheets and other materials, which are one of the box-shaped choices for high-end gifts.

4. Polygonal box

It also adopts the form of heaven and earth cover, but the shape is pentagonal or hexagonal and other multilateral composition. The boutique gift box gives people a sense of stability and atmosphere, leaving a deep impression on consumers.

5. Window box

Dig holes in the cartons to open windows, or add transparent cellophane to help see through the goods. It is very common in cake shops and gift shops to display products intuitively in front of us, facilitate customers to observe, and increase the credibility of products.

The packaging box is the first step to attract the attention of customers. A good packaging box can endorse the product.

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