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Key points of tea packaging design

1. Tea packaging design needs to consider cultural factors

When designing tea packaging for customers, it will give priority to regional cultural factors, and further extract the local natural scenery of the tea, so that people can link to the production place and variety of this tea from the pattern, color, element, etc. on the packaging. Take West Lake Longjing as an example, extract the beautiful West Lake scenery, let people think of Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea when they see West Lake. Of course, adding traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy to the tea packaging design can better convey the tea culture and give consumers a more intuitive cultural impact.

2. Tea packaging needs to correctly transmit tea information

Every tea packaging design needs to take into account the systemicity and extension of the corporate brand. Different tea brands have their own brand styles and traditions. When designing, it is necessary to incorporate individual case design into the packaging design. In order to reflect that our tea brand is different from other brands, we need to make breakthroughs and innovations in packaging design. The corporate brand culture is passed on to market consumers through packaging, and later consumers will give priority to buying branded tea they recognize based on their daily brand awareness.

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3. Tea packaging design needs to reflect environmental awareness

In the design of tea packaging, the choice of packaging materials is also very important. Different materials can bring different display effects to the packaging. Under the premise of ensuring moisture resistance, fragrance retention, and oxygen resistance, it is necessary to choose the type that can be recycled as much as possible without causing damage to the environment. Contaminate materials. In particular, tea packaging materials must be non-toxic to the human body. If you choose inferior packaging materials, you will damage the corporate brand image and be punished by the market supervision department. At present, the country has been advocating sustainable development. There are many tea companies that have improved the environmental protection of their tea packaging. Minimalist environmental protection design is the main direction of tea packaging for some time to come. Minimalist design can highlight the sense of tea packaging.

The lack of exquisite packaging for a piece of tea will reduce the grade of tea. The same is true for other products. If you want to make your products more competitive in the market, tea companies can find a professional packaging design company to design customized packaging for their products. , I believe that after the company's products are replaced with new packaging, the sales of the company's products will skyrocket again, bringing huge benefits to the company.

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