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Jewelry can be said to be an indispensable thing in Chinese weddings. It is a noble and elegant luxury, so its packaging must not be underestimated. The packaging of jewelry must be visually appealing and it must also increase practical value for consumers.

A well-designed jewellery box can increase the original value of the product and affect the product transaction rate. If you want to design attractive and unique jewelry packaging, you can refer to the following factors:

Unboxing experience

Even if you know what gift is in the box, when the customer gets the high-quality jewelry box like expensive jewelry and prepares to open it. This process is also exciting and pleasant for customers. It will bring a lot of happiness and satisfaction to customers.

The packaging can provide customers with an unforgettable unboxing experience. Therefore, the customer's unpacking process can be extended appropriately, for example, packaging layers can be added, and filling materials such as ribbons and decorative tapes can be placed.

After opening the package and seeing their precious jewels, this will give them a deep and beautiful impression.

Jewelry box design

Protective packaging

The safety of jewelry packaging can convey to customers the preciousness of jewelry and the importance of customers to the brand.

The packaging should be made of materials that can protect the jewellery from impact and scratches.

If the jewelry is damaged in any way during transportation to the sales store, it will lose its original value and will not be sold. Therefore, in addition to designing a durable outer packaging, additional cushioning padding can be provided for the inner packaging to protect the jewelry. Secondly, because the jewelry box needs to store the jewelry after the jewelry is used, the durability and robustness of the jewelry box are also very important.

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