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Is your mask wearing right?

If you want to wear a mask correctly, you need to wash your hands before wearing a mask. Wash your hands to ensure hand hygiene before wearing the mask. When wearing, do not touch the inside of the mask. Before wearing the mask, you need to stretch it, especially the folds need to be stretched, and then you can wear the mask normally. When stretching, do not touch it with your hands, just pull it up and down to open it. After putting on the mask, lightly press the bridge of the nose to make the mask fit more closely to the face. This is the correct way to wear it. Don't have large openings, as the protective effect will be poor.


General medical-grade masks are blue. The difference between the front and the back mainly depends on the color of the mask. Generally, the front is dark, facing the outside, and the back is light, facing the face, with the metal strip on top, fitting the bridge of the nose. This position must not be wrong, the wrong wearing will greatly reduce the protective effect. However, at this stage, the emergency production masks are white. At this time, to distinguish between the front and the back, you need to judge the front and back according to the position of the ear strap. The ear strap is on the back side, which is close to the face, and vice versa.

Many people don't know the replacement time of a disposable mask. Generally, if you wear it for a long time, you need to replace it in about 4 hours. If you don't wear it for a long time, you need to replace it in 6-8 hours, otherwise the mask will take a long time After being attached to the particles in the air, the protective effect of the mask will be greatly reduced, and breathing difficulties will also occur. Once the mask is damaged or dirty, it needs to be replaced immediately to avoid infection due to poor protection of the mask.

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