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Introduction to CPE and its application

Chlorinated polyethylene is made of polyethylene (PE) through chlorination. It has the dual advantages of plastic and rubber. It is resistant to oil, oxygen, heat and oxygen aging, corrosion, flame, bacteria and microorganisms, and weather resistance. It is better than other rubbers. It can be used alone or blended with plastic and rubber. It is particularly prominent in applications such as waterproofing membranes, plastic doors and windows, wire and cable sheaths, hose tapes, colored bicycle tires, special-shaped parts, and glass door and window sealing strips. The advantage is that it is an ideal polymer elastic material with wide application prospects.

1.The application of CPE-extended PVC waterproofing membrane in waterproofing membranes. Due to the excellent characteristics of CPE, the tensile strength of this new product is increased by 80%, and the tearing strength is increased by 50%. Its mechanical weather resistance, low temperature resistance, Anti-aging properties are improved. It is well received by the construction department (the amount of CPE added is 10%-15%). Neoprene CPE waterproof membrane and neoprene CPE styrene butadiene rubber waterproof membrane have the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, high extensibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance, flame retardancy, etc., which are ideal for the new generation The waterproof material has a broad market.

2. The plastic doors and windows produced by blending CPE and PVC have greatly improved their elasticity, toughness and low-temperature performance, and have good weather resistance, heat resistance and chemical stability. This kind of plastic doors and windows are cheap, corrosion-resistant and diverse in color. Bright, it has more advantages than aluminum alloy doors and windows. It has largely replaced aluminum alloy doors and windows, and the market will become wider and wider.

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3.Application in wire and cable sheath: The addition of CPE can improve its burning performance, anti-aging performance and physical and mechanical properties. CPE can also be used as the main body to make wire and cable coating materials with excellent performance.

4. Incorporating CPE elastomer into PE can improve its printability, flame resistance and flexibility. After adding 5% of CPE to HDPE, the adhesion of the resulting mixture to the ink is increased three times. After adding CPE to the mining PE hose, it has better flame retardant performance.

5. The application of CPE as the main material: It can manufacture rubber hoses with good oil resistance, acid resistance, folding resistance, ozone resistance and Freon resistance. It is suitable for the manufacture of hydraulic hoses, cooler hoses, fuel hoses, etc. The imitation cowhide sole made with CPE as the main body has excellent performance.

6. Application of CPE in transmission belts: heat-resistant transmission belts can be manufactured, and it has good resistance to swelling of non-polar solvents. The adhesion and flexing times between the tape layers of transmission belts produced by using CPE/NR/SBR and glue Both are higher than the transmission belt made of pure rubber, thus prolonging the service life and improving the shrinkage of the pure rubber after calendering, the poor permeability of the rubber in the textile after calendering, and the easy bonding of the formed belt embryo. Improve the weather resistance and flame retardancy of the transmission belt.

7. CPE and other rubbers are used together: CPE has good compatibility with a variety of rubbers. CPE and NR are blended, and its wear resistance, fatigue resistance and acid and alkali resistance become better. Compared with NBR and CR, the price is higher. low. The combination of CPR and NBR has improved oil resistance and superior heat and oxygen aging performance. It can be used to manufacture oil-resistant hoses and oil-resistant sealing products.

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