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Ingenious flower box

In recent years, the flower box, as a form of flower gift that emerged later, has quickly captured the market and is now comparable to the long-standing bouquet. Compared with bouquets, flower boxes have many irreplaceable advantages, which also makes them one of the products that businesses promote.

From the customer's point of view, the flower box is small, easy to carry, and the packaging is more exquisite than the bouquet. In many cases, the products that are more attractive to customers are those products with exquisite and tall packaging. As gifts, the person who is given flowers will pay more attention to the appearance of the gift. Because the flower box has a container for the flower materials, as long as you choose the right wrapping paper to ensure the freshness of the flower materials, you can capture people's hearts from the appearance and allow the florist to display more creativity. Unpacking the wrapping paper layer by layer, the surprise is a bit more anticipated.

From the perspective of the florist, the flower mud in the flower box has better water retention than the water-retaining cotton in the bouquet, the flowers last longer and it is easier to fix the flower materials. The eternal flower box not only has the beauty of flowers, but also can be stored for a long time, which is more suitable for gift giving. The flower box uses more flower heads, the requirements for flower branches are not too high, and the cost is greatly reduced. And a large part of the box protects the flowers, so that transportation loss is reduced.

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Tips for flower box storage: 

1. Flower gift box 

After receiving the flower gift box, you need to open the lid of the gift box first to facilitate the breath of flowers. There are flower mud at the bottom of the flower gift box. After placing the flower box flat, pour a little water into the flower box every day to keep the flower mud moist. Don't put the flower box in a place with high temperature or expose it to the sun. Spray some water on the flower head every morning and evening with a small spray bottle. Place the flower box in a cool and ventilated place.

2. Preserved Flower Gift Box

Everlasting flowers are kept fresh by high-tech means, no watering is required, and they are better placed in a cool indoor place. It should be avoided to place immortal flowers in an environment that is too humid or too dry. Immortal flowers do not need to undergo photosynthesis, and direct sunlight should be avoided. If there is dust, you can use a soft dry brush to gently dust off, or use a hair dryer to brush it off in a cool breeze. Do not water or touch it frequently with your hands, and do not place it outdoors.

Do not touch, pull or squeeze the petals or flowers of the eternal flower; please handle with care to avoid the gift of eternal flower from falling from above; under any circumstances, please do not turn the gift of eternal flower upside down; a slight smell of the flower is normal. Just open the lid and leave it for a few days to completely eliminate it.

Avoid placing it in strong vents such as air-conditioning fans; avoid direct contact with water, steam or water mist; avoid placing it in a humid environment such as a bathroom, you can put in excess food desiccant to dehumidify; use a soft brush to remove dust, etc. Powdery debris; a blower can be used to gently blow about 20cm away from the flower to remove dust and other powdery debris.

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