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How to match common portable paper bags with different color portable ropes

We are exposed to all kinds of handbags in our daily shopping life. In addition to the uniquely shaped digging pockets, almost all handbags use hand ropes. Today, I will share with you how several common paper handbags match different color hand ropes.

Kraft paper bags can usually be divided into yellow kraft paper bags and white kraft paper bags. The yellow cowhide has a yellowish brown color because it has not been bleached, and the body of the bag does not need to be covered. The kraft paper bag itself has a rustic and retro temperament, usually jute rope, tan paper Rope, dark portable rope, etc.

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The white kraft paper bag is highly white and translucent, and the red hand-held rope is often used to highlight its good temperament. The Uniqlo handbag we are most familiar with is a good example. The white cardboard bag is pure white and flawless, and the bag body is firm. The most commonly used white hand rope is to further express its immortality. Some manufacturers also use black hand straps on white paper bags for strong contrast, because black and white are the most classic color combinations in the design world. The strong color collision is easy to remember.

Other black cardboard bags, copperplate paper bags, and art paper bags use the same color as the bag body to highlight its integrity. This is the most common method used. When you don't know which color of the hand rope to match, the hand rope of the same color will basically not go wrong.

There are a lot of professional knowledge about the hand rope on the handbag, and today I just told you the tip of the iceberg. If you have a need for related paper bags, please feel free to contact us.

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