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How to capture consumer psychology in packaging box design and production

With the increase of products on the market, packaging box design and production has become an important content of concern for many businesses. The main reason is that the packaging of gift boxes can play a certain value-added role. There is a considerable difference between the same product in gift box packaging and non-gift box packaging. Good gift box packaging can not only promote enjoyment, but also enhance competitiveness among similar products. Consumers' desire to buy can also enhance their taste and make them more attractive. Therefore, we want to increase sales, not only rely on product quality to increase sales, but also through the outer packaging of electronic products to win better sales. So how to design the product packaging box is also our concern.

Consumer' demands make us design new selling points for product packaging. Unique forms can strengthen the selling points of products and attract more consumers' attention. For the same product, different product packaging forms give customers the feeling that the quality of the product is different. Someone has done an experiment and put the same detergent into different packaging bottle weights and let consumers try it out. As a result, they thought they were several different product detergents. This experiment shows that the packaging forms are different, and products with good packaging forms are an important factor affecting consumer purchases. Packaging design is a highly comprehensive design discipline, which includes knowledge of plane composition, three-dimensional composition, color composition, text design, illustrations, and photography. With the growth of society and the maturity of the consumer market, packaging design has the same status as market planning, commercial promotion and scientific marketing models. Traditional packaging design is far from being able to meet the needs of today's rapidly developing commercial market of various media. How designers can make their designs meet the needs of the market, effectively promote product sales, and achieve the unity of packaging design and marketization, has become a topic of important practical significance. The information conveyed in the packaging container shape, structural design, materials and craftsmanship, visual communication design, etc., can effectively promote the product, increase the attractiveness and affinity of the product, and then stimulate the target consumer's desire to buy. In the market economy Play the role of opening up the market, occupying the market, promoting and expanding product sales.

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1. Create a product brand with packaging design. Consumers sometimes buy products not only for satisfying material needs, but also for the personal satisfaction and spiritual pleasure that the brand brings. Therefore, packaging, as the external manifestation of the product brand, should incorporate the brand's visual symbols into the packaging to the greatest extent in the design to form a unique brand personality. When designing packaging, it is necessary to make comprehensive use of color, shape, material and other elements, while showing the connotation and information of the company contained in the product brand image, highlighting the common interests of the product and the consumer, so that the product can be formed to consumers The more intuitive impact makes consumers have a strong impression of the product brand and achieves the goal of continuing to attract consumers.

2. Use packaging design to promote product sales. Packaging is a combination of technology and art. Because the external interface of packaging appeals to people's vision in a direct and artistic image, it can guide the product marketing activities People's consumption choices improve fashion consumption taste and communicate with consumers psychologically. Packaging should become a driving force to promote consumers' desire to buy. French expert Jan Baudrillard once said that an object must become a sign if it is to be transformed into a consumer product. In modern society, modern product packaging design needs to bear more important responsibilities than ever before, and to become a bridge between products and consumers. Designers should always pay attention to observing the ever-changing market environment, centering on consumer needs, and show the artistic characteristics of products. Only in this way can they continue to expand the product market and design excellent packaging that is more suitable for the characteristics of the times. Winning the psychological recognition of consumers is the ultimate goal of modern marketing. The multidimensionality and difference of people's consumer psychology determines that product packaging design must be diversified in order to attract specific consumer groups to produce expected purchase behavior. Sales packaging is the epitome of sales strategy. The psychological strategy of packaging design is a very logical promotion idea. It not only visually attracts specific consumer groups to produce expected purchase behavior, but also psychologically captures consumers' excitement and Desire to buy. Product packaging design must adapt to the needs of competition under modern marketing conditions, accurately position the market, and convey product characteristics to consumers through the design language. In short, the ultimate goal of packaging design is to achieve product sales.

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