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How do companies carry out brand packaging design

Many companies have a wrong understanding of brands, and they always think that brands can only be done by large companies, but this is not the case. Brand packaging includes the packaging of the corporate brand itself and the external promotion of the brand. Below we will introduce in detail how to carry out brand packaging design.

1. Principles to be followed in brand packaging design

a. Practical principles

The most original purpose of packaging is to protect the goods from damage. Therefore, we must choose packaging materials and packaging technology reasonably according to the nature and characteristics of the goods to ensure that the products are not damaged, deteriorated, or deformed. The design should also be designed with more environmental protection standards. Secondly, we must design the packaging reasonably to facilitate transportation.

b. Aesthetic principles

The sales packaging has the function of beautifying the goods, and the packaging design is required to be novel, generous and beautiful.

2. Design elements of brand packaging

a. form

The shape of a product is the basis of design, so we should fully understand its size. Cylindrical and cuboid are the most common packaging forms, and there are also polygonal and spherical shapes. This is because the unique packaging form can attract consumers' attention. Designers should also fully consider the application of the law of formal beauty when designing, so that the characteristics of the product itself and the design can achieve a harmonious and natural unity.


Color plays an important role in brand packaging design and plays an important role in strengthening products. The color of the packaging should be coordinated with the product, so that consumers can think of the superiority of the product when they see the color. At the same time, the use of packaging colors also need to consider factors such as materials, printing and sales area.

packaging design

3. Font

The use of fonts is text-based, and also a bridge to convey information and emotions. The use of fonts reflects the characteristics of the product and the key points that need to be highlighted. In the font design, it is required to have a sense of beauty and be unified with the overall packaging design.

4. Material

The choice of packaging materials generally requires attention to texture, feel, coordination with the product, cost, transportation and production processing. They are mostly paper, plastic, glass, metal, ceramics and wood. The use of materials directly affects the visual effect of product packaging, so materials are also an important part of packaging design.

5. Strategy

In addition, when designing brand packaging, it should be noted that the company implements the strategy of brand packaging design. When designing a brand, attention should be paid to the positioning of the brand and product. If we can make consumers think of our brand and our products within a few seconds, it shows that our brand packaging design is effective.

Therefore, when companies are engaged in brand packaging design, the above principles and design elements must be grasped, only in this way can the brand packaging design be successfully completed.

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