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High-end beverage packaging design

I believe that everyone is no stranger to the packaging design of alcoholic beverages. Drinks and beverages use cans and glass bottles as the main packaging carriers, and the design focuses on bottle stickers and can bodies. It is precisely because the design scope of beverages is smaller than ordinary packaging boxes, packaging bags, and packaging cans, it tests the designer's skill even more.

We need to design eye-catching and highly recognizable brand logos in a limited space, draw simple but not simple full-page illustrations, and be original in color design and font design. Most importantly, in typographic design, Full consideration of visual effects aesthetics.

I bring you several excellent beverage packaging designs, which are full of aesthetics, or bursting in design, or simple and fresh, or graceful. No matter which model, it is visible high-end and visible excellence.

Harmony and unity are the basis of packaging design, especially for packaging of multiple flavors under the same brand. The symmetrical aesthetics is the best way to achieve the effect of harmony and unity.

Sparkling Botanicals is a canned beverage brand of soda water. It has many flavors, and it has won the favor of consumers with its special formula and excellent taste.

In order to market the advantages and specialties further and bring the brand into the hearts of consumers, the new packaging can design was put on the agenda. The first is the logo design. Obviously, after planning the brand, the designers agreed that the concept of nature, green, health and elegance should be integrated into the design.

When designing the logo, the designers selected herbs with local characteristics and displayed them in a symmetrical form. This design is clear, concise and beautiful, with excellent recognition, memory, and distinction. It can be described as an extremely high-quality design.


Because Sparkling Botanicals soda has many flavors, the designer has designed the most appropriate colors for different flavors. This design has a strong overall sense, harmony and unity, simple and elegant, the outline of the lines shows a strong design beauty, and the font design also makes the entire bottle icing on the cake.

Skagway Spirits Winery is a small family-run winery that produces quality craft liquor in Alaska.

The fresh water used by this winery comes from aquifers fed by glaciers. The brand is a tribute to the Klondike gold rush from 1896 to 1899.

It is estimated that there are 100,000 prospectors who migrated to the Klondike area in the area, and most of them pass through Skagway on their way to the gold panning. Through this brand, businesses want to show this pioneering spirit.

On the label is a trailblazer carrying a big gold nugget. The gold nugget is made by using two different foils, giving it a 3d feel. The label system includes light labels for light alcohol and dark labels for dark alcohol. The alcohol special strip is used by hand, and each bottle is designed with a batch number and a bottle number.

We can see that such a design is exquisite and elegant, rich in details, and full of historical accumulation.

Wine with history is good wine, because history and culture will inevitably add value to wine and water products. At this time, people drink wine not just wine, but also a feeling, a spirit, and an aftertaste.

Packaging design can bring consumers into this historical realm and environment, and that is truly high-end and ultimate design.

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