Gray-bottom white paper

gray-bottom white papergray-bottom white paper

The structure of components :

It has two types: gray-bottom white paper and white-bottom white paper.

Gray-bottomed white board paper is a liner board made by a cylinder paper machine. Its main components are waste paper pulp and bleached chemical pulp. In papermaking, waste paper pulp is generally used as the bottom layer and bleached chemical pulp is used as the surface layer. Because only one side has a white surface layer, and the other side is made of waste paper pulp, which is mostly gray in color, it is commonly called gray-bottomed white paper in business.

Similar to gray-bottomed whiteboard paper is white-bottomed whiteboard paper, which is referred to as whiteboard paper commercially. Its main composition is the same as that of gray-bottomed white board paper, which uses waste paper pulp as the base paper; the difference from gray-bottomed white board paper is that the white-bottomed white board paper is covered with a layer of bleached wood pulp on both sides.

Due to the high whiteness, smoothness, ink absorptivity and printing gloss of the white paper surface layer, the cardboard itself has good stiffness and folding endurance, so it can not only carry out high-quality color printing, but also used as packaging material.

Gram weight :250g-400g/m2

Functions and uses:

Mainly used for packaging boxes, corrugated boxes, tags, handbags

Characteristics of paper :

The front and back are different. The coated layer is the front side, which is more shiny, and the back side has no coating layer. The surface will generally be treated with laminating, oiling, polishing, and UV. The printed product usually takes 1-2 days to dry. When printing, you can spell the front and back versions, and generally only print black on the back.

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