Gold cardboard, silver cardboard

Gold cardboard, silver cardboard Gold cardboard, silver cardboard

The structure of components :

Gold cardboard and silver cardboard are a kind of reprocessed synthetic paper. Aluminum foil or PET aluminum film is synthesized on the surface of the bottom paper. It is a very commonly used special paper. The bottom paper includes white card, copper plate, double glue, and recycled Paper, gray board paper, white on white, red card and other papers are available

Gram weight :Ranging from 120 to 350

Functions and uses:

It is suitable for box-making, box-making printing and packaging in industries such as cigarettes, alcohol, food, cosmetics, toothpaste boxes, medicine and gift packaging.

Characteristics of paper :

The paper of the gold card is relatively hard, with a glossy surface and very bright. The surface can be made into a laser beam or colorful effect. It has a variety of colors and a variety of patterns. It is mainly used for color printing and packaging. There are aluminum foil gold cardboard and PET aluminum film. Gold cardboard, the color and depth are adjustable, the brightness is adjustable, the surface can be treated with light and matte, and it can be pressed into different patterns.

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