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Four precautions for color printing packaging boxes

First, accurately conveying information is the main point

A successful packaging carton must not only arouse consumers' attention and interest in the product through the use of shapes, colors, patterns, and materials, but also enable consumers to accurately understand the product through packaging. Because the purpose of people buying is not packaging, but the products in the packaging.

To accurately convey product information also requires the grade of packaging to be compatible with the grade of the product. Covering or exaggerating the quality and function of the product is a failure packaging. On the contrary, low-end products with luxurious and expensive packaging will not attract consumers.

Second, grasping the vision is the key

To play a promotional role in packaging cartons, it must first attract consumers' attention. Only commodities that attract consumers' attention can be purchased. Therefore, the packaging should use novel and unique shapes, bright and eye-catching colors, beautiful and exquisite patterns, and each characteristic material can make the packaging appear eye-catching, so that consumers will have a strong interest when they see it.


Third, packaging must win the favor of consumers, which is fundamental

The shape, color, pattern, and material of packaging must be able to arouse people's favorite emotions, because people's likes and dislikes play an extremely important role in buying impulse. Favor comes from two aspects. The first is the practical aspect, that is, whether the packaging can meet the needs of consumers in all aspects and provide convenience, which involves the size, quantity, and exquisiteness of the packaging. The same health care products can be packed in large cans or small boxes. Consumers can choose according to their own habits; the same kind of health care products with beautiful packaging are easy to be selected as gifts by people, and the packaging can only be used by themselves. When the packaging of the product provides convenience, it will naturally arouse the goodwill of consumers.

Fourth, technological innovation is a boost

At present, technological innovation has produced a huge impetus in the packaging industry; the health care product packaging carton design combines elements of modern fashion style, strives to deliver positive energy to consumers in the outer packaging of the product, and adopts new technologies to achieve technologies that could not be achieved before. Type tea packaging.

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