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Five reasons why cardboard is the best material for product packaging(1)

For businesses of any size, you need to ensure that your products are well protected. Not only do you need to ensure that your items are well packed to prevent damage, but you also need to consider many other factors. The packaging aspects you might consider include its environmental certification, aesthetic quality, practicality and ease of transportation.And cardboard is often the material for the best product packaging boxes.

We listed the following five reasons:

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1. Versatility

Cardboard can be creatively adapted to products of various shapes and sizes. Using advanced design, cardboard packaging can have multiple uses or create packaging box styles that have never been thought of. In some cases, brands even create their own exclusive cardboard packaging for further use after packaging, which extends the life of the product and shows the brand's commitment to reducing waste. For example, clothing brands can use cardboard packaging, and cardboard packaging can be converted into hangers, so that consumers can further use packaging materials in the packaging.

2. Ideal material

The ordinary hard paper version can be effectively packaged, and the color and shape can be easily changed and converted. At the same time, the cardboard is easy to print or emboss, which can make real personal packaging. Coupled with the use of colors and logos, cardboard can quickly change from a matte packaging to a vibrant and exciting packaging box, making your brand easily recognizable. At the same time, consider the cardboard as a blank canvas, on which you can design with text and images, so that products can continuously enter consumers' shopping carts from the shelves.

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