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Five essential processing techniques for high-quality packaging paper bags

With the maturity of the concept of low-carbon life, more and more shopping malls using chemical packaging paper bags choose environmentally friendly paper bags. In order to give customers a better impression. In addition to high-quality services and products, the aesthetics of environmentally friendly paper bags can not be ignored, and the probability of secondary use is greater, so they are sought after by many people. So what should I pay attention to when printing paper bags?

1. The size and dispersion of pigment particles

The glossiness of paper bag printing depends on the capillary of the ink film. However, the apparent size of the pigment particles in the dispersed state is more important, and it directly determines the state of the ink film capillary. Therefore, the pigment particles are small and well dispersed, which is very beneficial for paper bag printing.

2. The viscosity of the binder and the content of the pigment

The capillary network structure formed between ink pigment particles is an important aspect that determines the gloss of paper bag printing. At the moment of embossing, the ink is pressed into the larger pores of the paper as a whole; after embossing, the binder begins to separate from the ink and penetrates into the smaller pores of the paper. Therefore, the size of the ink film capillary determines the amount of separation of the connecting material. The capillary retains the binder material than the printing pressure to press the binder into the paper pores.


3. Drying time

The ink film dries quickly on the paper surface to reduce the amount of binder penetrating the pores of the paper, thereby improving the gloss and smoothness of the ink film. The high gloss of the ink film means that the degree of specular reflection on the surface is relatively high, so that in most cases the human eye can see that the white light reflected on the surface is much less than that of the low gloss ink film, which makes the color saturation more high. Therefore, the high-gloss paper bag printing looks more colorful and fuller.

4.prevent the back from smearing

Paper bag printing tends to have full pages and solid ground, which can easily cause smearing on the back. Use powder spraying method to solve. However, it should be noted that powder spraying will affect the surface gloss of the printed matter and pollute the environment. It will wear and stick to the delivery paper of the offset press. What needs attention is to arrange the printing color sequence correctly. In order to avoid smearing on the back caused by the collision of the paper when the imprint is not dry, the text and line version should be printed first, and then the solid version.

5. Post-press process

After the paper bag is printed, it needs to be processed, and the aesthetics and quality are even stronger. There are 12 kinds of post-press crafts. They are embossing embossing, die-cutting indentation, hot stamping, partial UV process, freezing point snowflake, reverse frosting, embossed hot stamping, lithographic paper, laser transfer, glazing and waxing, hot stamping, and laminating. The above are the issues that need to be paid attention to when printing paper bags. Of course, there are still many details that need constant attention to get a beautiful and practical paper bag.

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