EVA foam

EVA foam EVA foam EVA foam

The structure of components :

EVA foam is a new type of foaming product. According to different colors and hardness, it can be divided into several grades, such as: A grade, B grade, C grade, etc.

Gram weight :The hardness of ordinary EVA is between 40-45 degrees, and the hardness can be up to 70 degrees, which can be customized according to customer requirements; the density is between 0.91 and 0.93

Functions and uses:

The two grades of B and C materials are mainly used for lining, such as a variety of tool box linings, packaging shockproof materials, etc. The materials above Grade A are all highly elastic foams, which are mainly used for high-end finished products and export products. They have the characteristics of less pores, uniform thickness, environmental protection and tastelessness. The finished product thus made has good flexibility, shockproof, anti-slip and strong resistance to pressure. Such as our common EVA slippers, cotton shoes, EVA mobile phone protective cover, EVAipad protective cover, etc.

Characteristics  :

EVA rubber and plastic products are a new type of environmentally friendly plastic foam material, which has the advantages of good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and is non-toxic and non-absorbent.

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