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Cost composition of exquisite packaging cartons

Packaging box printing from the selection of materials to the final finished product, each stage in all steps has its own planned cost. List this cost one by one and comprehensively mean the necessary cost of packaging box printing, then packaging box What is the key to the printing cost? How is the cost of this content calculated?

(1) Design cost

There are single piece calculation method and multiple piece calculation method for calculating the time-consuming design plan. The single-piece calculation method is generally used for cartons. 

(2) Pre-press costs include image scanning, puzzle, filming, sample printing, etc.

Scanners are priced based on the size of the image data, and the jigsaw is charged according to the width and size; the sample is charged according to the width and color saturation. Customers who have built-in CDs or films should deduct the cost of relatively new projects.


(3) Material cost

As far as printed matter is concerned, the cost of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of the total packaging and printing costs, so precise manipulation of the amount of raw materials is the best way to manipulate packaging and printing costs. The key to the material cost in the whole process of packaging and printing refers to the plate-making cost, the printing process material cost, the cost of anodized aluminum, etc., and the material cost is the product of the demand for raw materials and the cost price. Therefore, the amount of raw materials must be determined in the deduction of material costs. Calculation method. Different printing plates are priced differently. PS plates are priced by the enterprise, and hot printing plates and flexographic plates are priced by the total area. 

 (4) Printing material fee

Different types and levels of printing machinery and equipment, different color printing plants or printing technologies have different specifications for printing materials. Color printing is generally priced according to color orders. When the number of prints is relatively small, it is calculated as the activation fee.

(5) Post-press processing cost

There are many kinds of post-press production processes, but the key to the calculation method is to calculate the number of products produced or the total area of production and processing; waxing, sub-filming, and hot stamping are calculated based on the production and processing area.

(6) Miscellaneous expenses

Such as the cost of packaging, transportation, and urgency, these costs are generally negotiated and confirmed by each other, and the coordination ability is great.

(7) Taxes

Taxes payable in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and civil law requirements.

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