Corrugated paper

corrugated paper corrugated paper

The structure of components :

It is a board made of liner paper and corrugated corrugated paper formed by processing corrugated sticks. It is generally divided into two types of single corrugated cardboard and double corrugated cardboard. According to the size of the corrugation, it is divided into: A, B, C, Five types of E and F.

Functions and uses:

Type A corrugated and Type B corrugated are generally used as outer packaging boxes for transportation, and beer crates are generally made of Type B corrugated. E-type corrugated is mostly used as a single-piece packing box with certain aesthetic requirements and appropriate weight content. F-type corrugated and G-type corrugated are collectively called micro corrugated, which is a very thin corrugated, used for hamburgers, cream pastries, etc. Disposable packaging containers for food, or used as packaging for miniature electronic products such as digital cameras, portable audio systems, and refrigerated products.

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