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Classification of masks

1. Classification according to the way of wearing:

a. Head-wearing style: suitable for workshop workers who wear it for a long time, and it is troublesome to wear.

b. Ear-wearing style: easy to wear, suitable for frequent wearing and taking off.

c. Neck-wearing style: using S hooks and some soft material connectors, the connecting ear straps are converted to neck straps, which are suitable for long-term wear, and are more convenient for workshop workers wearing helmets or protective clothing.

2. Classified by shape:

a. Cup mask: large breathing space, not convenient to carry.

b. Vertical folding mask: easy to carry.

c. Horizontally folded mask: large breathing space and easy to carry.

3. Classified by function:

a. Medical masks: hospital-specific, second-class medical equipment. Meet the standard GB19083-2010.

b. Particulate protective mask: Industrial use meets the GB2626-2006 standard, and the LA certification requirements must also meet the GB2626-2006. Civil use meets the GB/T32610-2016 standard.

c. Warm cloth masks: Warm masks, suitable for winter wear, only need to meet the relevant standards of fabrics. If it is used to prevent smog, it needs to use the insert type, which must meet the GB/T32610-2016 standard.


4. classified by material:

a. Gauze masks: Some workshops still use gauze masks, but their leakage rate does not meet the GB2626-2006 standard. The masks only protect large particles of dust.

b. Non-woven masks: most disposable protective masks are non-woven masks. It is mainly based on physical filtration supplemented by electrostatic adsorption.

c. Cloth masks: Cloth masks only have the effect of keeping warm but not the effect of filtering very small particles such as PM2.5.

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