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Carton and carton structure

Swing lid box: The box body, lid and bottom are all integrated into one piece. Most of it is formed by only a piece of cardboard, so that too much paper is not wasted when printing puzzles, saving printing costs. It is roughly divided into three-dimensional remote cover box, flat remote cover box, square remote cover box, polygon remote cover box, and partition remote cover box.

Carrying box: The carrying box is easy to carry. This kind of structure is equipped with a handle on the box body. Square tote box, cylindrical tote box, flat tote box, semi-circular tote box, compartment tote box and polygonal tote box.

Buckle cover box: Two pieces of paper form the cover and the box body. Divided into sky cover and ground box, cap box and counterpart cover box.

Drawer box: The inner box is protective, and the outer box is decorative.

paper box

Display box: divided into the one with lid and the one without lid. Three-dimensional display box, swing cover display box, flat display box, etc.

Liquid box: Liquid box is divided into inner sleeve type or outer skin type. The inner sleeve type refers to the paper bag, plastic or aluminum foil that is easily bent on the inside of the cardboard. The outer skin type means that the bag and bottle are directly packed in the outer skin, both of which form a double layer. The surface of the carton filled with liquid is coated with synthetic resin to enhance protection.

Combined box: the same category, different specifications, or related to different categories.

Window type: Lined with transparent plastic board on the window. Window boxes are divided into flat window boxes, three-dimensional window boxes, polygonal window boxes, etc.

Adhesive sealing box: The adhesive sealing box has an incision that is easy to open. The incision is torn and the carton is irreversibly damaged.

There are three types with the highest frequency of use: swing-lid plug-in back cover, plug-in lock bottom and automatic bottom lock structure.

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