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Carefulness in carton design

In the gift packaging design, designers have seen huge business opportunities. Good packaging design is not entirely an artistic category. It has its own business purpose. A little "scheming" can immediately attract target customers and convert For sales.

Among the various material choices, paper materials are widely favored by designers due to its unique characteristics. Rohit Bhargava, the most influential marketing expert in the United States, also predicted this: In an era when electronic products madly occupy people's lives, paper products will be transformed from content carriers to emotional carriers; people will cherish paper products more and produce them With strong emotions, more and more people will record or preserve the most precious and memorable memories in paper form. Does packaging with such a sentimental material add a feeling to the gift?


Nearly 1,000 types of paper are on display in Takeo, Japan's largest pattern paper trading company. In addition to the difference in color, nearly a thousand kinds of paper materials are also stored in another showroom. Every grid here can be opened, and each grid contains paper materials of different textures. The combination of different colors and different materials makes this a paradise for packaging designers and a place for inspiration. The unique texture of paper allows it to convey far more information and emotions than everyone imagined, and the designers have indeed made the public see more possibilities.

Different papers have their own different emotions and emotions, and their unique textures can also attract different target people. Paper packaging designs of different textures are suitable for different audiences.

There is also a big market for paper calendar packaging. Consumers can add unannounced dates at any time, and the blessings and gifts will be delivered together to make today's life different! In addition to writing and drawing pictures with a pen, paper packaging is also a good design as a carrier for embroidery.

Simple flowers with thin hemp rope, and the packaging design with kraft paper as the base also attracted many literary and artistic youths.

Expressing gratitude, expressing apology, or expressing all kinds of careful thoughts of oneself, people often give a suitable gift, and appropriate, slightly careful packaging will express the meaning of the gift more perfectly.

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